Cobb County Postpartum Hemorrhage Lawyer

Heavy bleeding that occurs after giving birth is known as postpartum hemorrhage. When this bleeding does not stop, it can cause significant harm to the mother. If you have suffered from extreme blood loss due to a medical provider’s error, you may have the right to file suit against the person responsible.

Speak with a Cobb County postpartum hemorrhage lawyer soon to discuss your case and begin fighting for damages. Working with a skilled birth injury attorney could improve your chances of achieving justice.

What Are the Most Common Symptoms of Postpartum Hemorrhage in Cobb County?

Aside from the heavy bleeding, common symptoms of postpartum hemorrhage include a drop in blood pressure, fatigue, blurry vision, chills, and clammy skin. Women aged 19 or younger are at higher risk of severe blood loss after delivery, as are mothers 35 and older. Anyone in these age groups should ask a legal professional about these common signs of postpartum hemorrhage if they believe they were injured as a result of heavy bleeding after giving birth.

How is Heavy Bleeding After Birth Treated?

Treatment for postpartum hemorrhage is focused on finding the cause of the bleeding and stopping it as soon as possible. Medical providers can use several techniques to stimulate uterine contractions and stop the bleeding, including:

  • Medication
  • Manual massage
  • Removal of the placenta from the uterus
  • Tying off blood vessels

If these tactics do not work, the medical team may need to perform surgery to find the source of the bleeding. A hysterectomy might also be done as a final effort to save the patient. Even if the bleeding stops, women can suffer long-term consequences after birth, so it is best to call a lawyer who could provide insight into what legal recourse may be available.

Long-Term Effects of an Untreated Hemorrhage

A mother suffering from postpartum hemorrhage can go into shock due to significant blood loss. This can cause damage to major organs, respiratory distress, and renal damage. Because these injuries can be life-altering, the damages sought should address the mother’s current and future losses.  In the worst cases, a mother could lose her life due to severe postpartum bleeding.

Building a Claim for Damages

When an attorney takes on a hemorrhage case, he or she must thoroughly examine the mother’s medical records to determine what happened. In reviewing the patient’s documented blood loss, blood pressure, pulse rate, and hematocrit, the lawyer can begin to build a strong case to recover compensation.

In addition to documentary evidence, it is crucial to have fact witnesses and an expert witness. Fact witnesses would be friends and family who could testify to what they observed in the delivery room or what healthcare providers were telling them at the time.

An expert witness is a qualified medical professional with experience in the relevant field of medicine. The role of this witness is to explain what a reasonable healthcare provider in a similar situation would have done and establish a breach in the standard of care. An attorney could reach out to potential witnesses and value the mother’s losses after experiencing postpartum hemorrhage.

Work With a Cobb County Postpartum Hemorrhage Attorney

Giving birth should be a joyous event for the mother and her family. When an unfortunate error leads to heavy bleeding after birth, both the patient and the baby could suffer damages.

At Warshauer Woodward Atkins, our attorneys have the resources to help you achieve the desired outcome for your case. Contact a Cobb County postpartum hemorrhage lawyer today to begin working on your claim.