Fulton County Premature Delivery Injury Lawyer

Children who are born prematurely may be prone to numerous health risks and challenges throughout their life. While some premature births are unavoidable, it is up to the expectant mother’s physician to respond appropriately when a woman exhibits signs that she is going into preterm labor.

If your child was born before full term and sustained injuries that the medical team could have prevented, you need to consider obtaining legal representation. A Fulton County premature delivery injury lawyer could investigate the situation further to help you determine whether medical negligence contributed to your child’s early birth. With the help of an in-house doctor and cutting-edge technology, a birth injury malpractice lawyer could fight for the compensation you deserve.

Symptoms that May Signal a Premature Birth

A birth is premature if a child is delivered before 37 weeks. In some cases, premature birth may result in infant fatality, especially if the child is born before the end of the second trimester. There are some physical signs a mother may exhibit that indicate she is going into labor too soon. Intermittent cramping, frequent contractions, diarrhea, feeling the infant moving downward, and expanding of the cervix are common signs that premature birth may be imminent.

There are some risk factors that the mother’s physician should monitor closely to watch for signs of that the baby may be born prematurely. Women carrying more than one child, have a history of kidney infections, or urinary tract infections are at higher risk for premature delivery. A woman who has experienced preterm labor previously or has certain genital infections may also be at higher risk of giving birth before the child has come to full term.

Common Premature Delivery Injuries and Damages

Babies who are born before 37 week’s gestation are often prone to numerous health conditions. Premature delivery can cause a child to suffer lifelong cognitive, auditory, and respiratory challenges. If a physician neglects to accurately monitor an expectant mother that is at risk of premature birth or does not act in time to indications of a premature delivery to slow the onset of early labor, he or she may be legally responsible if the child suffers injury. Common injuries and complications associated with premature birth include hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy, bleeding on the brain, sepsis, anemia, and cerebral palsy.

When these injuries could have been avoidable if not for the negligence of a medical provider, several types of compensatory damages may be available. A premature delivery injury attorney in Fulton County could help victims recover damages for their hospital bills, rehabilitation, occupational therapy, and ongoing cost of medical treatment.

Filing a Premature Delivery Injury Claim in Fulton County

The deadline to submit a premature delivery injury claim is two years from the malpractice date, per O.C.G.A. § 9-3-71, or five years from the malpractice date of the injury is not immediately found. Under O.C.G.A. § 9-3-73, when children are victimized through medical malpractice and are younger than five when the injury occurs, the family has until the child’s 7th birthday to file a lawsuit. A Fulton County attorney could help ensure that a premature delivery injury claim is filed by the appropriate deadline.

Call a Fulton County Premature Delivery Injury Attorney

If you believe that malpractice was involved in your child’s premature birth, the best thing to do is speak with a Fulton County premature delivery injury lawyer. An attorney could look into the matter further to discern whether medical negligence was a factor in your child’s early birth and discuss your legal options to pursue recovery.

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