Fulton County Shoulder Dystocia Lawyer

Shoulder dystocia is a complication that sometimes occurs during birth when a newborn’s shoulders become lodged in the cervix during delivery. This kind of complication can be avoidable in some cases if the medical team responds quickly and with the appropriate measures.

If you suspect that a medical error caused your child’s shoulder dystocia during the delivery, it is wise to reach out to a Fulton County shoulder dystocia lawyer. A birth injury attorney could assess your potential claim by relying on the experience of an in-house doctor and through the resourceful use of cutting-edge technology.

Common Indicators that a Child is At Risk of Shoulder Dystocia

While shoulder dystocia may not always be predictable, there are often signs that precede this complication that can inform the decisions made by medical staff during labor and delivery. If the mother has had a child before that experienced shoulder dystocia, this increases the chances of shoulder dystocia occurring with her next birth. Maternal obesity, very long labor, post-mature births, an unusually small pelvis, and the use of vacuum tools or forceps during delivery are all factors that can increase the risk of shoulder dystocia.

Once the delivery process has begun, a physician should be able to detect shoulder dystocia if the child’s head appears, and if he or she cannot fully extract the child from the birth canal. Shoulder dystocia is an emergency requiring immediate and proper action, or else the mother and/or child may face grave outcomes and in some cases, death. Depending on the details of the scenario, the doctor may need to perform a Cesarean section or reposition the mother to prevent too much pressure or pulling on the infant’s neck.

If a doctor fails to respond to an infant’s shoulder dystocia as a reasonably skilled physician would in the same circumstances and negligently causes a serious injury, a Fulton County attorney could hold that negligent medical professional liable for the compensation owed.

Short and Long-term Effects of Shoulder Dystocia

In the short-term, shoulder dystocia can place terrible strain on the brachial plexus nerves and/or the umbilical cord, causing neurological and brain damage. For the mother, she may be placed at risk of life-threatening bleeding and internal injuries. For both the child and mother, dystocia can also result in fractured or broken bones.

Unfortunately, particularly in the case of the child, the impact of shoulder dystocia can follow him or her the rest of his or her life. Shoulder dystocia commonly leads to conditions such as Klumpke’s palsy, cerebral palsy, and Erb’s palsy. Asphyxiation due to shoulder dystocia can result in permanent cognitive disability and developmental delays.

A Fulton County attorney could provide aggressive legal assistance when a healthcare professional’s negligence results in shoulder dystocia. Financial compensation may be available for losses such as pain, suffering, medical bills, physical therapy, mobility aids, psychological distress, and emotional anguish.

Get Help from a Fulton County Shoulder Dystocia Attorney

A Fulton County shoulder dystocia lawyer could protect you and your child’s rights if a negligent medical provider caused you injury. An attorney could review the basis of your claim and help you better understand the laws surrounding your prospective malpractice case.

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