Hapeville Emergency Room Error Lawyer

Few situations are as chaotic as a busy emergency room. While emergency rooms are full of trained doctors and nurses that usually have their patient’s best interests in mind, mistakes still happen. These mistakes are particularly common when an emergency room lacks the proper staff or when gross and extreme negligence transpire.

If you suffered a medical injury due to negligence in the emergency room, you could have a strong case for monetary compensation. However, you might benefit from the help of an experienced injury attorney to get the most out of your claim. To begin the process, call a Hapeville emergency room error lawyer right away. An attorney with the aid of an in-house medical professional stands ready to assist you.

Types of Emergency Room Errors

A Hapeville emergency room error attorney must consider every aspect of an emergency room to get a complete picture of the cause of a victim’s medical injury. While overcrowding or understaffing are frequent issues that face an ER, there are many factors that go into a medical mistake. Some of these factors include:

  • Ignoring obvious signs of distress in triage;
  • Medical record mix-ups;
  • Delays caused by overcrowding or understaffing;
  • Misread reports, tests, or x-ray results;
  • Misdiagnosis of an injury or illness;
  • Prescribing drugs with allergy complications;
  • Unsanitary conditions; and
  • Delayed diagnosis.

Importantly, and according to O.C.G.A. § 51-1-29.5, only in cases where gross negligence is demonstrated with clear and convincing evidence may victims of emergency room errors recover.

Common Wrongdoers in a Lawsuit

While the term “medical malpractice” might bring to mind a doctor or surgeon, the reality is there is a wide variety of people who could be responsible for a victim’s injuries in an emergency room error lawsuit. It is the role of a Hapeville emergency room error attorney to identify all parties that might have been responsible for injuring a victim. Some commonly responsible people in emergency room lawsuits include:

Doctors or Surgeons

Ultimately, the patients in an emergency room are the responsibility of the doctor or surgeon treating them. These medical professionals are in a position to do the most harm if they make a mistake. When a doctor ignores a patient’s medical chart or a surgeon makes a surgical error, the outcome could be catastrophic.

Nursing Staff

While a doctor may have the final say on a patient’s treatment, it is the nursing staff that spends the bulk of the time caring for an emergency room patient. In many emergency rooms, the staff is spread far too thin among too many patients. When mistakes happen, it is the patient that suffers. Some examples of common emergency room errors caused by a nurse include ignoring or improperly documenting medical records, administering the wrong medication, or ignoring the warning signs of a medical emergency.

Medical Facilities

Many emergency room errors result from mistakes made by owners or managers of the facility itself. It is their responsibility to ensure that the emergency room is safe and properly staffed. When hiring or maintenance decisions made by the owners or operators lead to a medical injury, they could face liability for the injured patient’s costs.

Reach out to a Hapeville Emergency Room Error Attorney

Unfortunately, emergency room injuries are common in Hapeville and across the country. No matter the cause of medical injuries, the result could be life-long pain or health complications.

You do not have to take on the doctors or the hospital on your own. For experienced legal counsel ready to stand by your side, contact a Hapeville emergency room error lawyer immediately. An attorney is ready to gather the necessary evidence in your case and present it with cutting-edge presentation technology. Call now for your free case review and to speak directly to a lawyer who takes calls after hours.