Marietta Paralysis Injury Lawyer

Paralysis could occur under a number of different circumstances, however, the effects of paralysis are often life-long and detrimental. While sustaining a paralyzing injury is something no one plans for, it could seem even more unfair when the incident which caused a victim’s injury was caused by the negligence of another.

Fortunately, anyone suffering a paralysis injury due to the negligence of another person has the right to seek compensation. Despite this right, holding the responsible party accountable is often challenging, particularly without the guidance of a seasoned personal injury attorney with access to an in-house medical professional and cutting-edge presentation technology. A Marietta paralysis injury lawyer could provide the experience necessary to maximize a victim’s financial recovery.

Common Paralysis Accidents

In the vast majority of cases, paralysis injuries occur when the head, neck, or spinal cord suffers damage. These injuries could occur in many ways. Another person’s negligence could lead to a viable claim in any of the following circumstances:

The process of investigating a paralysis injury accident is often time-consuming. In addition to tracking down the cause of the injury, a Marietta paralysis injury attorney could identify the damages available in a claim in a timely manner.

Compensation Available in Marietta

The compensation available to a victim in a paralysis injury lawsuit depends on the circumstances surrounding his or her injuries. A victim may only seek compensation from damages that are directly related to the wrongdoer’s negligence.

Lost Wages

Missing work due to an injury often creates a substantial burden for an injury victim. In the case of paralysis, the inability to return to work following an accident could be permanent. A victim could seek compensation for both past and future wages lost due to a paralysis injury.

Medical Expenses

The medical bills following a paralysis injury accident are often understandably overwhelming. What’s more, the permanent nature of these injuries could result in these expenses steadily growing for the rest of a person’s life.

Medical expenses encompass far more than the hospital bills that follow an injury. Compensation could also cover follow-up visits, physical therapy appointments, and other necessary treatments. Additionally, a victim could also seek damages to cover mobility scooters or medical devices.

Punitive Damages

Punitive damages differ significantly from other forms of compensation. Instead of assisting a victim with recouping his or her losses from a paralysis injury, punitive damages punish the responsible party. These damages exist purely to dissuade others from committing similar dangerous acts.

Punitive damage awards are uncommon. They are only available in cases where the wrongdoer acted in a reckless, willful, or malicious way. A Marietta paralysis injury attorney could advise anyone suffering from a paralysis injury whether or not punitive damages could be available in his or her case.

Reach out to a Marietta Paralysis Injury Attorney Right Away

Paralysis cases are often complex. Helping a jury understand the nature of a paralysis injury takes substantial knowledge and skill. An experienced Marietta paralysis injury lawyer could have the skills necessary to prevail at trial.