Alpharetta Surgical Error Lawyer

Each year, the medical industry continues to evolve and grow. Despite these technological advances, Alpharetta residents continue to suffer the effects of surgical errors caused by negligence and defective medical instruments. If you have sustained a medical injury due to a surgical error, a skilled medical malpractice attorney might be able to assist you in recovering compensation.

You have a right to seek monetary compensation from a surgeon, hospital, or medical device maker by filing a lawsuit for your damages. An Alpharetta surgical error lawyer might be able to assist you in the litigation process. With the help of an in-house medical professional, attorneys could be invaluable when presenting your injuries to a courtroom or during settlement negotiations. Reach out to a compassionate, client-centered attorney for help.

What are the Most Common Surgical Errors?

Surgical errors often occur during complex procedures or simple operations. When these mistakes happen, the consequences are sometimes life-threatening. Through a careful review of a patient’s medical records, an Alpharetta surgical error attorney could determine the mistake responsible for a victim’s medical injuries. Injuries could include:

  • Objects left in the patient’s body,
  • Surgery in the wrong location,
  • Surgery on the wrong patient, and
  • Nerve damage.

Foreign Objects in the Patient’s Body

The frequency in which surgeons leave objects in the body of a patient after surgery is astounding. Some items commonly left inside the body include gauze, scalpels, sponges, and clamps. The failure to keep the surgery site clean or account for every instrument following a procedure increases the odds of these errors.

Surgery in the Wrong Location

In some cases, a surgeon performs the correct procedure on the wrong part of the body. For example, the surgeon could operate on the wrong arm or the wrong leg. These errors may result in unnecessary incisions, and, in extreme cases, lead to the removal of healthy organs or body parts.

Surgery on the Wrong Patient

An unfortunately common occurrence involves a surgeon or medical facility mixing up patients before a procedure. These errors are common when a hospital is understaffed or lacks proper training procedures.

Improper Administration of Medication

Many surgeries are only possible through the administration of Anesthesia. The use of this medication is a delicate process. Too much of the gas could lead to brain damage or death, while too little might result in a patient waking up during a procedure.

Nerve Damage

Many surgical errors result in patients leaving the hospital in worse condition than when they arrived. This is common in cases where a surgeon damages the nerve endings near a surgical site. If a surgeon is not careful when making incisions, they could cause permanent nerve damage that may lead to a lifetime of debilitating pain.

What are the Typical Causes of Surgical Errors?

The causes of surgical errors are rarely the same between two different patients. Several factors play a role in a surgical error – in some cases, more than one factor combines to cause the injury. Potential causes of a surgical error include:

  • Improperly trained surgeon,
  • Substance abuse,
  • Fatigue,
  • Surgical instrument defect,
  • Poor communication between medical professionals,
  • Understaffing, and
  • Insufficient planning.

Surgeons and the medical facilities they operate in owe a duty to their patients to abide by a reasonable standard of care during a procedure. An Alpharetta surgical error attorney might be able to hold responsible parties accountable for their mistakes through litigation and present a victim’s case with cutting-edge courtroom presentation technology.

Let an Alpharetta Surgical Error Attorney Help

Most people make mistakes at work. However, when surgeons make mistakes, the life of their patients hang in the balance. If you sustained a surgical injury during an Alpharetta medical procedure, you deserve compensation. For a free case review, contact an Alpharetta surgical error lawyer right away. Attorneys are ready and willing to speak directly to you at any hour.