Alpharetta Surgical Stapling Injuries Lawyer

For years, the use of surgical staplers following medical procedures was considered routine. However, investigative journalism has recently revealed that injuries and deaths resulting from surgical stapling malfunctions have been more common than once believed. If you are one of the thousands of patients injured by a surgical stapler, a medical malpractice attorney might be able to help.

When surgical staples fail, they often lead to severe internal injuries that could be difficult to detect initially. To ensure your legal rights are protected, you may benefit from the guidance of client-centered Alpharetta surgical stapling injuries lawyer. Attorneys could work together as a team to place your needs at the center of a case.

Are Surgical Staplers Safe?

For quite some time now, surgeons in Alpharetta have used surgical staplers in place of sutures. These staplers are used internally and externally, including everything from closing external wounds or securing internal surgery sites.

While this device was initially hailed as a safer alternative to sutures, the reality is that these devices have resulted in over 40,000 reports of injuries according to the Food and Drug Administration as of 2019.

The problems with surgical staplers grew so severe that the FDA issued a letter in June of 2019 acknowledging the rising number of adverse reports. The letter also outlined the agency’s future efforts to investigate the cause of these injuries.

Common Stapler Malfunctions

The source of the injuries caused by a surgical stapler vary. While many reported staple injuries resulted from a device malfunction, other reports indicated that human error was to blame. Some of the most commonly reported issues with surgical staplers include:

  • Misfiring or failure to fire staples,
  • Difficulty with firing,
  • Disintegrating staples,
  • Reopening of the wound,
  • Improperly applied staples, and
  • Using the wrong size of staple.

These malfunctions and errors often lead to numerous adverse health conditions. These problems slow the recovery time for the original procedure and sometimes even require additional treatment. Some complications common with stapling injuries include:

Who are the Potentially Responsible Parties in a Stapler Injury Lawsuit?

While much of the focus on surgical staple injuries is related to issues with the manufacturer, other parties could potentially be responsible for these injuries. A seasoned Alpharetta surgical stapler injury attorney could help an injured patient seek compensation from every responsible party, including the surgeon and hospital. By working with attorneys who enlist the services of an in-house doctor, attorneys could rely on the findings of that doctor and present medical information for a jury with cutting-edge technology.


In most of these cases, injured victims seek to hold the manufacturer responsible. When a defect in a surgical staple or the stapler itself causes a medical injury, an injured patient has the right to seek compensation from the manufacturer. This process begins by filing a lawsuit with the help of an Alpharetta surgical stapling injuries attorney.


Some of the injuries caused by surgical staplers result from the misuse of the device by surgeons or other medical professionals. When a doctor makes an error like loading the wrong size of staple or stapling in the wrong area, an injured patient may seek to recover monetary compensation for his or her injuries.


When a surgeon makes an error with a surgical stapler, hospitals that have known of that medical professional’s lack of qualifications or ability become liable. An injured patient may seek compensation from the hospital, especially in cases where the facility was negligent in allowing a known unqualified surgeon to operate.

Contact an Alpharetta Surgical Stapling Injuries Attorney

Surgical stapling errors have long-lasting consequences, and in the most severe cases, they could be fatal. If you sustained medical injuries due to a stapling defect or error, contact an Alpharetta surgical stapling injuries lawyer as soon as possible. Attorneys are waiting to speak directly with you and take calls after work hours. Call today to start your free case review.