Alpharetta Avoidable Infection Lawyer

Known as hospital-acquired infections, these injuries have a severe impact on the health of infected patients. For some, an avoidable infection could prove fatal. A skilled medical malpractice attorney could help a medical injury victim hold the responsible medical professional responsible. With the help of an in-house doctor, client-focused attorneys could work with you to file a lawsuit in court and represent you in negotiations.

If you or a loved one sustained an avoidable infection in a hospital or other facility, you could have a strong claim for monetary damages. To have your case reviewed for free by a professional, contact an Alpharetta avoidable infection lawyer at any hour.

What Are the Common Types of Avoidable Infection?

There are five types of infections that commonly occur in a medical setting. Common types of avoidable infections include:

  • Staph infections,
  • Urinary tract infections,
  • Pneumonia,
  • Bloodstream infections, and
  • Surgical site infections.

When these infections result from an error by a doctor or other healthcare professional, a patient may benefit from discussing his or her legal options with an Alpharetta avoidable infection attorney.

Staph Infections

Staph infections, including the bacteria MRSA, frequently affect hospital patients with compromised immune systems. These infections have severe consequences, and in some cases, are fatal. Elderly patients and people receiving treatment from dialysis centers are at a higher risk than normal for a staph infection.

Urinary Tract Infection

A urinary tract infection, or UTI, affects the organs related to the urinary system. While infections affect each of the organs of the urinary system, UTIs are most common in the bladder and urethra. These infections often result in pain and difficulty urinating. If caught early, these infections are easily treatable with antibiotics.


As one of the deadliest infections, pneumonia causes thousands of deaths each year across the country. Pneumonia involves inflammation of the lungs. While pneumonia could be mild, the infection is especially dangerous for small children, the elderly, and anyone with a chronic illness. A common cause of pneumonia in a hospital setting is poor hygiene.

Bloodstream Infections

Another devastating infection that might occur due to negligence in a medical facility is a bloodstream infection. These infections come in many different forms, including:

  • HIV,
  • SARS,
  • Mumps,
  • Tuberculosis, and
  • Hepatitis

These infections are often fatal, and most have no known cure.

Surgical Site Infections

Given the invasive nature of most surgeries, infections at a surgery site are common. The failure to properly sanitize the instruments or the operation site could lead to dangerous infections. In addition to surface-level infections, surgical site infections may also occur with implanted medical devices. An Alpharetta avoidable infection attorney could help in identifying the potential causes of surgical site infection. After identifying the source of the infection, attorneys could then work to establish negligence, gather evidence, and present your case using cutting-edge technology to a judge or jury.

What is the Statute of Limitations Medical Malpractice Cases?

Like with all lawsuits, the State of Georgia places a time limit on the filing of an avoidable infection case. The statute of limitations empowers the court to dismiss any lawsuit filed after the time limit expires.

The time limit to file a lawsuit varies depending on the type of case. In medical malpractice cases, the statute of limitations is typically two years from the date of the injury. However, there are some exceptions that may extend the time a victim has to file. Beyond five years, however, there remains no chance for a victim to file a claim. To learn more about these exceptions, contact an Alpharetta avoidable infection attorney.

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Alpharetta residents deserve to recover from necessary medical procedures without the fear of an unnecessary infection. If you suffer from a hospital-associated infection, contact an Alpharetta avoidable infection lawyer right away. Attorneys in your area are ready to speak directly with you and are able to take your calls after hours. Call today for a free case review and learn how you could use your legal rights.