Alpharetta Birth Injury Lawyer

Injuries suffered at birth are serious and oftentimes permanent. While some birth injuries cannot be prevented, others emerge when medical practitioners do not adhere to accepted standards of care.

If you have been a victim of this type of injustice, contact an Alpharetta birth injury lawyer. A compassionate medical malpractice attorney could determine whether your child’s affliction was the result of negligence and file a claim against the responsible party. Birth injuries can be extremely frightening to deal with, you deserve to be compensated for your pain and suffering. Compensation will also enable you to take care of the medical needs of your child.

What is Medical Malpractice?

Medical malpractice refers to when services provided by a licensed medical professional or medical facility, results in an individual’s injury or death.

Medical Malpractice and Birth Injuries

In order to claim malpractice, parents must be able to prove that a medical agent did not provide the required degree of care and skill. If an agent did not follow protocol, they may be may be held liable for any resulting injuries. Alpharetta birth injury lawyers can help individuals file claims against doctors, health clinics, private or public hospitals, nursing homes, or any other medical entity that deviates from the applicable standards of medical care.

Hospital Liability in Alpharetta

The majority of incidents that Alpharetta birth injury lawyers witness of occur in hospitals. While it seems natural to file birth injury claims against both the treating doctor and the hospital, there are actions a hospital can take to become immune from liability.

In order for a hospitable to be liable for the action of a doctor, the doctor must be an official employee. Knowing this, hospitals sometimes make sure that the doctors they work with are independent contractors. Additionally, hospitals can request that patients sign a document stating that they acknowledge that the doctor is not an official employee of the hospital.

Do Hospitals Break Ties with Doctors After an Injury?

There have been instances where hospitals break ties with doctors after the doctor has injured a patient. They do so by issuing a formal notice stating that the doctor is an independent contractor. In these cases, an Alpharetta birth injury lawyer can investigate the timing that notice was posted; in order to determine whether a relationship existed.

Work with an Alpharetta Birth Injury Lawyer

Birth injuries can have lifelong effects on your child and family. Such injuries can be difficult to recover from emotionally, physically, and financially. What makes these cases particularly devastating is that they could have been avoided had a medical professional or medical facility taken more care. Such negligence can constitute medical malpractice and compensation for the injury may be recovered.

Contact a tenacious Alpharetta birth injury lawyer if you have questions regarding a birth injury, whether it is compensable, and how you can plan for life-long care of a disabled child. You deserve to work with someone who truly cares about your future, and wants to bring your justice.