Alpharetta Outpatient Surgery Center Negligence Lawyer

A growing trend in the medical industry involves outpatient surgery for a variety of procedures. Outpatient centers are frequently an attractive option for patients given the convenience and lower cost. While outpatient surgery provides more convenience to the patient than a traditional hospital, there are also risks involved. An Alpharetta patient injured during an outpatient procedure could benefit from discussing their claim with a skilled injury attorney who could also use cutting-edge technology to help the outcome of a claim.

If you have suffered a medical injury in an Alpharetta outpatient procedure, you have legal rights. To pursue monetary compensation from the negligent entities, contact an Alpharetta outpatient surgery center negligence lawyer right away.

The Risks Involved with Outpatient Surgery

The risks and associated consequences of surgery at an outpatient center are significant. As the number of outpatient procedures grows, it should come as no surprise that the number of medical injuries at these facilities grows as well.

Because only minor procedures should occur at outpatient facilities, they do not face the same strict regulations as traditional hospitals. Unfortunately, this means they are often less equipped to handle an emergency when something goes wrong. In many cases, a medical professional cannot properly treat a complication during surgery, which would require the transportation of the patient to a hospital. Some of the errors that occur in outpatient facilities that require treatment at a hospital or medical center include:

Any of these errors could lead to a viable malpractice claim. An Alpharetta attorney handling an outpatient negligence lawsuit could review the record of a potential client to determine if any of these factors might have led to medical injuries. With the help of an in-house medical professional, lawyers could garner an understanding of what went wrong during a victim’s treatment.

Recoverable Losses in Georgia Outpatient Malpractice Cases

The damages in a medical malpractice case fall into the same two categories as in any injury lawsuit, however. These categories include economic and non-economic damages.

Economic damages are typically easier to prove in court due to the measurable nature. These damages include medical bills and lost wages. Non-economic damages are more challenging to calculate and include examples like pain and suffering.

Call an Alpharetta Outpatient Surgery Center Negligence Attorney Today

Medical errors, even during a “minor” outpatient procedure, could have enormous consequences. These errors could result in additional injuries or illnesses that are challenging to treat. In the worst-case scenario, these mistakes could be fatal.

If you believe you have sustained a medical injury due to an error at an outpatient surgery center, it is important that you protect your legal rights. To learn more about your options, contact and speak directly to an Alpharetta outpatient surgery center negligence lawyer for your free consultation. Attorneys are ready to take your calls after hours.