Alpharetta Post-Operative Complications Lawyer

Surgery carries inherent risks that patients must acknowledge and understand before agreeing to have a surgical procedure. In some cases, however, these risks lead to severe injuries, such as those that may result from post-operative complications. An Alpharetta post-operative complications lawyer could assess the facts that led to your injuries and decide whether a medical malpractice case is warranted in your situation. If you do have a valid claim, attorneys could work with an in-house medical professional who could assist with compiling and explaining your injuries to a jury.

When medical professionals fail to follow established protocols and take precautions to avoid complications, patients could experience devastating injuries. Some of these injuries lead to additional time off work, extended rehabilitation services, and in some cases, may prove to be fatal. If you suffer injuries as a result of post-operative complications, you may wish to seek a personal injury lawyer to evaluate any claims that you might have.

Post-Operative Complications in Alpharetta

Following surgery, patients are more vulnerable to various complications, including life-threatening infections. As a result, post-operative care always should include close monitoring to treat any problems as they arise as quickly as possible. When medical staff prematurely discharges patients or provides them with inadequate supervision, complications may soon appear.

Post-operative complications could range from minor to fatal, and these medical conditions often progress rapidly. Treatment may be delayed when medical professionals fail to monitor and address signs of complications accurately. Potential forms of post-operative complications, in addition to infections, include:

  • Hemorrhaging or rapid blood loss,
  • Shock, which causes a rapid drop in blood pressure and flow,
  • Deep vein thrombosis, or large blood clots, and
  • Lung problems.

All these conditions could have catastrophic results for patients in a post-operative setting. These complications could result in the need for further medical treatment, including surgical procedures, to control the problem. This is often costly and presents additional setbacks to patients who also may be facing long periods of rehabilitation.

All post-surgical patients necessitate a specific level of care and monitoring to avoid these potential pitfalls. While some complications may be unavoidable, many are preventable through close monitoring. When insufficient oversight leads to difficulties in patients that result in injuries, a post-operative complications lawyer in Alpharetta may be able to help. Attorneys could gather the facts of a victim’s case and present them in court with cutting-edge technology.

Infections and Post-Operative Complications

One of the most common post-operative complications is an infection. Hospital and surgical staff must follow strict protocols before, during, and after surgery to avoid the spread of infection. Various infections, some of which are dangerous, tend to run rampant in health care facilities. Infections might result from:

  • Failure to properly sterilize surgical instruments,
  • Leaving foreign objects inside the bodies of patients during surgery, or
  • Failure to maintain clean and sterile conditions when treating a post-operative wound or incision.

Some patients are more susceptible to infections than others, such as those who smoke, are obese, have diabetes, or have weakened immune systems. Nonetheless, preventable infections still do occur frequently. When germs are in the air, on the bodies of patients, or on caregivers, these germs easily could migrate to a surgical site on the body and cause infection.

Common signs of infection may include reddened skin around the wound, skin that feels hot, fevers, pus, and tenderness. If healthcare professionals identify and treat an infection quickly, they may have a better chance of treating it and avoiding further complications. For individuals who have suffered preventable infections or other post-surgical problems, a post-operative complications attorney in Alpharetta may be of assistance.

Call an Alpharetta Post-Operative Complications Attorney for Help

When you have made it through major surgery, the last thing you need or expect is to develop post-operative complications. Unfortunately, infections and other serious complications happen more frequently than you might imagine and could result in severe injuries to patients. When this situation occurs, an Alpharetta post-operative complications lawyer might be able to assist you.

The toll of a medical mistake that leads to post-operative complications are often significant. These injuries are costly, require further medical treatment, and increase recovery times. As a result, you may wish to consult legal counsel about any options for legal recourse that you may have. Call at any hour to speak with an attorney. Your free case review awaits, do not delay.