Gastric Band Surgery in Atlanta

Gastric band surgery—also known as laparoscopic or Realize band surgery—is a bariatric procedure that involves placing an adjustable silicone band around the upper portion of the stomach. The band restricts the size of the stomach and the amount of food that it can hold. This surgery is meant to help patients feel fuller while consuming less food.

While this procedure can have satisfactory results, any medical error can cause severe complications. If you suffered injuries due to a medical provider’s mistake, call a lawyer familiar with gastric band surgery in Atlanta. Our bariatric surgery attorneys could help patients seek justice and obtain the compensation they need.

Why Might Someone Choose to Have Gastric Band Surgery?

Gastric band surgery can provide a long-term solution for patients hoping to lose large amounts of weight and reduce the risk of high blood pressure and diabetes. Patients who undergo the lap band procedure tend to have a more rapid recovery process than those who choose gastric sleeve or bypass surgeries.

Many medical providers also say there is a smaller risk of infections, hernias, and nutrition absorption problems with the gastric band. Still, patients should be cautious of any unusual symptoms following lap band surgery and reach out to a lawyer if they think they have a valid malpractice claim.

Common Lap Band Complications That May Lead to a Medical Malpractice Claim

If the medical team makes a mistake during surgery, it could lead to infection, blood clots, internal bleeding, or anesthesia-related problems. However, if the medical provider inserts or inflates the band incorrectly, the patient may not notice any issues right away.

One of the most common problems associated with gastric band surgery is a malfunction of the band. If the band causes too much swelling when it is inflated, it can lead to blockages and changes in bowel function. Alternatively, the patient may experience problems if the band slips or erodes.

If any of these complications occur, the patient may require follow-up surgeries. If the problem is not addressed quickly, it may even result in death. Anyone who has suffered injuries or lost a loved one due to a complication with the gastric band surgery should reach out to an experienced attorney in Atlanta.

Can Atlanta Patients Sue if the Procedure is Unsuccessful?

The gastric band procedure has become less popular because it has a lower success rate than many other bariatric procedures. Patients who undergo the surgery may not lose as much weight as they want. However, it is important to note that patients cannot file a lawsuit simply because they did not achieve the desired outcome. A malpractice case is only warranted if a medical error before, during, or after the lap band procedure caused the patient to suffer damages.

An Attorney Could Help Seek Justice After a Gastric Band Surgery in Atlanta

If you suffered injuries due to a flawed gastric band surgery in Atlanta, a skilled lawyer could help you pursue a legal claim against the person or entity responsible. Our attorneys could use our resources to help you investigate the claim and seek the maximum compensation available. Give us a call today to learn more about how we could assist you in your case.