Atlanta Blood Clots Misdiagnosis Lawyer

Medical errors due to negligence are unacceptable. When a medical professional, for whatever reason, chooses to disregard the standard of care he or she owes patients, accidents at the expense of patients result. As a society, people have agreed that the people who make these errors should be held accountable for the damages they cause to others. The law provides such a means. For victims of blood clot misdiagnosis in Atlanta, lawyers are ready to help.

If you or a loved one suffered as a result of a doctor’s negligence, you need to speak to a team of attorneys who could place your needs at the forefront of a personal injury claim.

Common Misdiagnoses for Blood Clots

One common misdiagnosis for blood clots is a heart attack because of the pain in the chest, an increase in heart rate, anxiety attacks, and pneumonia because it allows respiratory type issues. Sometimes there is a misdiagnosis of lung cancer because some of the symptoms present in a similar manner to blood clots. Fortunately, an Atlanta misdiagnosis lawyer could help victims analyze the errors doctors made in their cases with the help of an in-house medical professional.

Different Types of Medical Diagnostic Errors

Misdiagnosed blood clots are unfortunately common, but especially in cases where inadequate attention is given or proper testing is neglected.  The different types of medical diagnostic errors include failure of the health care providers involved to recognize the signs and symptoms and a failure of the health care providers to recognize what the risk factors are. Certain patients are more likely to suffer from a blood clot. A failure to order tests or the right tests to determine whether or not somebody has a blood clot is another type of diagnostic error as is the failure to report the results of the tests.

Determining Fault in an Atlanta Blood Clot Misdiagnosis Case

Besides the doctor in question, nurses who are involved in a patient’s care and who may have witnessed signs and symptoms that the person was suffering from a blood clot may be at fault for a misdiagnosis. The radiologist who read and interpret some of the tests that are done and may have missed signs in the testing of the blood clot may be at fault as well as lab technicians. Also, the hospitals, if they do not have proper procedures in place for hospitalized patients to prevent blood clots or for detecting and testing for patients who are at risk to develop blood clots, may be at fault.

Next Steps After Learning of a Blood Clot Misdiagnosis

After discovering a misdiagnosis, the first thing a patient should do is seek proper medical attention to verify whether or not they have been misdiagnosed and to receive prompt and proper treatment. The first person that he or she should contact once he or she has done that and received proper medical care, that victim should consult with an experienced Atlanta blood clot misdiagnosis attorney who has handled blood clot cases and could advise him or her whether or not there is a valid claim for recoverable losses.

When to File a Lawsuit

There are situations when a patient who was misdiagnosed with blood clots should file a lawsuit against the responsible medical professional, such as when a person is misdiagnosed and, as a result of that misdiagnosis, did not receive the proper treatment and that led to him or her having significant injuries. In the worst of cases like these, victims die because of a doctor or other medical professional’s negligence, in which case the surviving family members should file. Those people or their families should seek legal counsel to see whether or not they should file a lawsuit.

Speak Directly to a Compassionate Client-Centered Attorney Today

The impact of a blood clot misdiagnosis does not only impact the victim of the misdiagnosis, but often his or her family as well. Families are often left with medical bills, and in the worst of cases, funeral costs, because of a completely preventable mistake made by an irresponsible medical provider. If you or your loved one has suffered because of an easily preventable mistake, you need to consider retaining the services of an attorney with experience handling blood clot misdiagnosis in Atlanta. Lawyers are ready to speak directly to you, review your case for free, compile evidence of negligence, and present your case in court or settlement talks with cutting-edge technology.