Appealing an Atlanta Blood Clot Medical Malpractice Case

If you are dissatisfied with the compensation awarded to you through a jury verdict or suspect that the court did not give you a fair share at your case, then you need to consider appealing. Atlanta blood clot medical malpractice cases are serious and, understandably, you want to receive the compensation you need to address the losses you and your family have endured. To better your odds of a successful appeal, choose to work with a team of attorneys who could place your needs at the forefront of your case.

First Steps of an Appeal for a Blood Clot Medical Malpractice Case in Atlanta

The first steps that should be taken when trying to appeal a blood clot medical malpractice case in Atlanta depends on the type of appeal and what stage victims find themselves in the litigation. Any time that people would be looking at appealing a blood clot malpractice case, they need to identify what the appealable issues are, whether or not they have any issues that they could appeal, and what the likelihood of success of those appealable issues are. Then, depending on what they come up with, they want to make sure that they have a full record so that the appellant courts could look at the issues that they believe were wrongly decided. Above all else, people looking to appeal need to file the appropriate notices in a timely manner to start the process.

Changes in Outcomes to Compensation

Appealing a case could cause a change in any potential forms of compensation depending on the results of the appeal and what happened in the trial court leading up to the appeal. Certain claims that involve certain damages could be taken out of the case, dropped from the case, or dismissed from the case. In the event that the appeal was over the trial court’s dropping of certain claims and the appeal was successful, victims could regain some claims at the trial court throughout.

What Happens If an Appeal Fails?

In the event the appeal is not successful, there other steps that could be taken. Victims could appeal to the next level. In Georgia, most of the time if appealing something in a blood clot case, it would go to the Georgia Court of Appeals first. If unsuccessful in the Georgia Court of Appeals, they would ask the Supreme Court to review the case at the Georgia Supreme Court level. They could try to continue and convince them of the err at that level.

Could the Opposing Party Appeal a Case?

Alternatively, after winning an appeal, the wrongdoers involved in an Atlanta blood clot medical malpractice case could appeal that verdict. Just as victims have the right to go to the Georgia Supreme Court to appeal a decision and the Georgia Court of Appeals if they think a case was tried wrong, the opposing party could ask for Georgia Supreme Court to review their case and reverse the Court of Appeals.

How an Attorney Could Help

An Atlanta medical malpractice attorney could help those who want to appeal a case by doing a thorough review of the trial court record to determine what the appealable issues are, advising the client as to the likelihood of success of those issues, preparing a full and adequate record to go up on the appeal making sure that all the deadlines are met to properly preserve and file the appeal, and thoroughly and adequately address the issues and all argument on the issues that are appealed. With the help of cutting-edge courtroom technology, an attorney could demonstrate evidence offered by an in-house medical professional to relevant parties with the goal of appealing an Atlanta blood clot medical malpractice case.

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