Common Errors in Atlanta Emergency Rooms

Seeking emergency medical care can be a hectic experience. Patients may have difficulty describing their condition, and overwhelmed emergency room workers may not perform sufficient tests or exams to determine the problem. Lack of communication in the emergency department can cause medical providers to commit errors that may injure patients or worsen their conditions.

It is important to understand the common errors in Atlanta emergency rooms. Informed patients may be more able to advocate for themselves and protect themselves from suffering further damages in the ER. Speak to a skilled attorney about what you should look out for in the emergency department.

Common Emergency Room Errors in Atlanta

Some of the most common emergency room errors are related to misdiagnosis. For example, a patient may come in with heart attack symptoms such as chest pain or shortness of breath, but a negligent medical provider might fail to perform the appropriate tests to diagnose the patient. Without a proper diagnosis, the emergency department might discharge a patient who should not be released.

Other common mistakes made in the ER are associated with intubation. When an individual is experiencing respiratory difficulties, he or she may need to be intubated. If the emergency medical provider does not provide an artificial or surgical airway quickly enough or fails to recognize that the patient is not properly intubated, the patient may suffer severe damages.

When an emergency room is not properly staffed and medical providers are overworked, there is a higher risk of committing an error. An overwhelmed healthcare worker could give a patient the incorrect dose of a certain medication, causing an overdose if he or she is not being attentive.

Alternatively, a nurse who has been assigned to several patients may not be able to observe each person’s vitals or check on them at the appropriate times. Regardless of the type of ER error, a knowledgeable lawyer could help patients determine if their injuries are the result of negligence. In Georgia, O.C.G.A. § 51-1-29.5 states that for an emergency room error case an injured patient must not simply prove negligence, but gross negligence, which must be proven by the higher standard of clear and convincing evidence.

Preventing Emergency Room Errors

Patients can take certain steps to protect themselves from these common emergency room errors. Injured parties should provide medical providers with as much detail as possible when explaining their symptoms. Further, informing healthcare workers of one’s medical history can help them determine the best way to proceed with treatment.

Patients should also pay attention to the medical provider’s actions and advocate for themselves when something seems off. If the emergency medical providers continue to disregard their symptoms, they should ask to speak with a supervising doctor and request another opinion.

Anyone being treated in the ER should insist they are given the proper care. A local malpractice lawyer skilled at handling emergency room error cases could advocate for patients whose concerns were ignored.

Speak to a Lawyer about the Common Errors in Atlanta Emergency Rooms

If you have suffered losses due to a grossly negligent ER worker, you could pursue an injury claim. However, there is a higher evidentiary burden for emergency room cases compared to other medical malpractice claims. You may not be able to gather sufficient evidence on your own.

Call our office today to talk to a lawyer about the common errors in Atlanta emergency rooms. A dedicated lawyer could help you thoroughly investigate your case and advise you on the best path forward.