Settling an Atlanta Meningitis Malpractice Case

Settling a malpractice case in Atlanta dealing with meningitis can happen at any point in the claims process if both sides are motivated to settle. However, both parties must be invested in that settlement, as the settlement process typically involves negotiating an amount of money for the lawsuit and ending it before it progresses to a trial.

To ensure that you have a better chance of a favorable settlement offer, choose to work with a team of client-centered attorneys who could build a fact-based case with the help of an in-house doctor and state-of-the-art presentation technology.

How Settlements Happen in Malpractice Cases

A settlement can happen in the pre-suit period before a lawsuit is filed, at any point during litigation after a lawsuit is filed, or any time prior to the point at which the jury renderers a verdict at trial. As with all negotiations though, the parties will likely have different views of the amount for which a case should settle. To come to an agreement on this and other matters, the parties involved can negotiate either informally between their attorneys, or with the help of an independent third party through a process called mediation.

In either scenario, there are many factors that can affect how a case is settled—for example, the number of defendants in the case. If the malpractice victim can settle with all responsible parties at the same time, the lawsuit could go away completely, but if he or she only settles with one or two of the alleged wrongdoers, a lawsuit could proceed against the others. The strengths and weaknesses of the case, the expert testimony for both sides, the facts of the case, and even which courthouse the lawsuit is heard in can also be contributing factors when determining how or if a case might settle.

Although the majority of meningitis malpractice cases in Atlanta are settled, experienced attorneys usually prepare every case for trial because a trial gives an injured individual the best opportunity to pursue the full value of his or her case. However, most parties prefer to settle, if possible, in order to avoid a time-consuming and emotionally draining trial.

Potential Benefits of Settling Compared to a Trial

One of the main benefits of settling a case rather than going to trial is having some control over the process. At the close of a trial, one side might be pleased with the jury’s decision, while the other party might feel that the jury’s verdict is unfair. By settling a case, both parties have some say in the outcome and can negotiate a settlement amount that is agreeable.

Trials can also often be intense and traumatic for victims of meningitis malpractice because they are reliving one of the worst times in their lives in court. On top of that, even if they win at trial, the results of the trial can be appealed, and litigation could go on for another year or two in appellate court. Settling keeps that from happening while still giving victims some certainty and closure.

Discuss Settling a Meningitis Malpractice Case with an Atlanta Attorney

Avoiding trial and settling a case can bring a victim of meningitis malpractice in Atlanta some peace by resolving the case in a shorter period of time. This allows victims to have some closure and move on with their lives. Even though it may not result in as much money, settling can be a way to exert some control over the outcome of a lawsuit, as opposed to having a jury of 12 strangers decide the case.

If you want to seek a settlement for the damages you suffered, you owe it to yourself to seek help from a dedicated and experienced malpractice lawyer. Call today to set up a completely free case review with an attorney who takes calls at all hours.