What to Know About Meningitis Malpractice Settlements in Atlanta

The most important thing to know about meningitis malpractice settlements is that a lawyer who represents your best interests can be very helpful to the process. Victims who try to settle their claims alone often run into numerous problems that severely restrict their recovery, or sometimes keep them from recovering at all.

The best way to avoid these problems is to have experienced legal counsel who has access to an in-house doctor and cutting-edge presentation technology to help you understand and prepare for the process. Receiving sound guidance from a seasoned malpractice lawyer could be key to making informed decisions regarding your case.

Does Settling Always Result in Less Money?

Settling a meningitis malpractice case does not always result in less money being awarded. For example, if the case proceeds to trial and the injured individual loses, they may not receive any money.

Even the best cases can be lost at trial for many reasons, leaving injured victims without the compensation they sorely need. However, if injured patients and their attorneys prepare a case for trial while remaining open to negotiations with the other party, a mutual agreement to settle could get them enough money to cover at least some of their damages, without the uncertainty of having a jury to decide the case.

The Impact Compromising Can Have on Recovery

It may seem a bit counterintuitive at first, but one of the biggest problems people often face when settling meningitis malpractice cases in Atlanta is compromising too much. At trial, each party presents the case and tries to persuade the jury that the case is worth a certain amount of money, or the defense will argue that no money should be awarded, and the jury then determines whether they agree with either party’s proposed amount.

Conversely, when settling, an injured individual may have an idea of how much the case is worth, but the other side might have a very different idea. Most settlements involve both sides compromising to reach an agreeable amount of compensation, but that could leave both parties dissatisfied with the resolution.

The injured parties might have to come down from the number that they thought was fair, or the alleged wrongdoers might have to pay more money than what they thought was fair. Either way, compromising and possibly conceding some issues often leads to problems while pursuing a settlement.

The Emotional Toll of Malpractice

Another common problem during settlement negotiations is letting go of the emotions that surround what happened. The process of determining recoverable damages is not about punishing the irresponsible doctor or nurses, putting them in jail, or taking their licenses away, which can cause an emotional response from plaintiffs who feel they have been wronged on a deeper level than what money can fix.

While it may not be a fully satisfying result, the only things that can be recovered in medical malpractice lawsuits are monetary damages to help pay for medical bills, loss of income, and future medical costs.  Financial compensation can also be recovered for pain and suffering, and the emotional losses that occur. Putting aside some of the emotions associated with what happened can facilitate both parties reaching the best possible resolution.

Key Factors to Consider Before Settling an Atlanta Meningitis Malpractice Case

Before settling a meningitis medical malpractice case in Atlanta, the strengths or weaknesses of the case should be fully assessed. The parties need to understand the facts, what any expert witness testimony will address, and what their chances of winning a jury trial are if they do not come to a settlement. They should also have a full understanding of the value of the case and of the injury, and the risks of not settling.

All of this is not knowledge that comes naturally to an injured person, so if you are considering settling a meningitis malpractice case, you should talk to a seasoned lawyer first to ensure you are the right path towards maximizing your compensation. Call today to schedule a free consultation and discuss the options available to you directly with a lawyer who takes calls after hours.