Filing a Testing Error Case in Atlanta

The testing error case process can be complicated. Though you may have experienced an error, this does not guarantee you can file a case. A medical malpractice attorney could help you validate your claim by proving negligence was a factor in your case.

Do not make the mistake of taking on your case alone. Call our office today to speak with a lawyer about filing a testing error case in Atlanta.

Gathering Necessary Information

The most useful thing injured parties can do during the filing process is to provide their lawyer with all the information related to the case. Individuals should be prepared to identify anyone who was aware of their medical tests and could attest to their damages.

It is also important to keep a record of medical bills, lost wages, and any other expenses related to the injuries. The injured party should make sure to keep their attorney updated on all of their medical treatment regarding the testing error.

Investigating a Testing Error Claim

Before an injured party can file a medical malpractice claim, an investigation must be done to determine how the testing error occurred. An attorney can review medical records to gain a better understanding of the situation and estimate potential damages.

Identifying Potential Defendants in a Testing Error Case

In a testing error case, there are many potential defendants in the chain of testing. Anyone involved in ordering tests, performing exams, or interpreting results could be liable.

Multiple people who are responsible could all be named in a medical malpractice claim. A skilled attorney could analyze a patient’s case to make sure every defendant is identified.

Expert Witness Review

After the initial review, a lawyer should secure an expert witness to review the case. The expert could determine if a deviation from the standard of care caused the testing error, and consequently, the patient’s injuries.

A seasoned lawyer could have access to multiple experts with relevant experience in the specific medical issue the injured party is dealing with. Once this investigation is complete, a nearby lawyer could prepare an affidavit and write a testing error claim.

Drafting a Claim in Atlanta

Before filing a claim, lawyers must write a document called a complaint that lists all the parties involved in the claim. This report should identify the proper court and jurisdiction the case belongs as well as the specific claims for malpractice.

Then, the attorney must prepare an affidavit from an expert, which is required to file a medical malpractice claim. Injured parties should consider retaining a nearby lawyer to write their testing error claim.

Talk to an Experienced Lawyer about Filing a Testing Error Case in Atlanta

Medical malpractice claims often have many moving parts. It can be difficult for victims to handle a case alone while they are still recovering.

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