Atlanta Medical Malpractice Litigation Involving Multiple Defendants

When there are multiple defendants in a medical malpractice case, each defendant usually has their own insurance policy. Atlanta medical malpractice litigation involving multiple defendants has the ability to provide fair recovery and an increase in compensation.

Having multiple defendants could influence the outcome of the case and it may be critical to speak with a skilled medical negligence attorney. If you believe that you or a loved one have suffered due to the inaction or action of a medical professional, speak with a lawyer to seek responsibility for your pain.

What is the Litigation Process for Multiple Defendants?

In Atlanta medical malpractice litigation involving multiple defendants, the plaintiff’s side typically goes first. However, each defendant may have their own attorney ask questions. For example, if it was just a plaintiff versus one doctor, the plaintiff testifies and then the doctor’s lawyer has an opportunity to ask the plaintiff a question.

If a plaintiff sues two different doctors such as the surgeon and the anesthesiologist, the lawyer who represents the surgeon may ask questions and then the lawyer who represents the anesthesiologist may ask the plaintiff questions. Multiple defendants tend to make the case run longer because the questioning takes more time when more people are involved in the process.

Understanding Possible Medical Protection Laws

Whenever somebody sues a doctor or healthcare provider for negligence in Georgia, a law is in place that puts their medical condition at issue. To some extent, they waived HIPAA, but on a limited extent. The more defendants and the more the patient discusses their medical issues, the more their personal business is put out in an open forum. Courtrooms are open and when someone has a medical malpractice trial, their health and sometimes private and personal medical information can be shared in a public setting, and that can be difficult.

Seeking Legal Assistance from Medical Negligence Attorneys

To protect a potential client, sometimes the attorney files a motion with the court in advance of trial to keep out things that are overly embarrassing or prejudicial that do not bear on the outcome of the case. When something is highly embarrassing and sensitive, the attorney might ask the judge to keep that information out of the trial or at least consider hearing it in chambers so that portion is not public.

The way a medical malpractice lawyer presents arguments may vary for Atlanta medical malpractice litigation involving multiple defendants. Depending on the case, the attorney may use one defendant to strengthen their case and get another defendant to point the finger at the other person to make the case stronger.

There might be some opportunities to point out that, with so many professionals involved in the case, one of them should have taken the time to listen to the patient and the outcome could have been avoided.