Settling an Aneurysm Malpractice Case in Atlanta

Settling an aneurysm malpractice case in Atlanta has the potential to be overwhelming and unfruitful should you choose not to work with a team of client-centered attorneys. Legal professionals who have case experience could rely on a network of attorneys to obtain a favorable outcome in mediation.

The Process for Settling a Medical Malpractice Case

A medical malpractice case can settle virtually at any time in the process. There are a couple of ways that it works. One is if the parties are able to informally negotiate through their respective attorneys. This happens when one side offers to settle the case for a certain value and the other side either accepts or makes a counteroffer.

Most often, the way they settle is that the parties will mediate the case. That is a process by which an independent third party who is not associated with either side is engaged to help the parties reach a settlement and listens to the strengths and weaknesses of the case from both sides and works with both sides to get them to a number for which the case settles.

Factors That Could Alter Mediation

There any factors that alter how a case is settled. As with all cases, there are some cases that are easier to settle than others where the facts are fairly agreed upon.

If the injuries of the party are well-known and evidence has been entered as to all the different types of damages, this is a case that could be easier to settle. Generally, cases where both sides do not agree on the facts or the evidence, or not everybody knows all the facts or evidence become much more of a challenge to settle. The more that everybody knows about and the more everyone agrees, the easier it is to settle the case.

Do Most Cases Go to Trial or Settle?

The vast majority of these cases do settle for various reasons. Whenever a case goes to trial, there is going to be somebody who wins and there is going to be somebody who loses. If people are on the losing side of it, whether they are the victims or the defendant doctor or hospital, it has significant ramifications.

Most cases do settle because it is the opportunity for the parties to have control over the outcome of the case and to make a case go away on terms that they can agree. The reality is that when they go to trial, they have six or 12 people in the jury, who are complete strangers, determining the outcome of their case. In a settlement, the parties have more control to determine the outcome.

Retain Control with the Help of an Atlanta Aneurysm Attorney

When it comes to settling a malpractice case involving an aneurysm in Atlanta, retaining the services of a dedicated legal team with an in-house medical professional is imperative. Attorneys who have experience handling cases involving injury victims such as yourself or your loved one could research facts, rely on past cases, and present evidence using cutting-edge courtroom technology. Reach out today for you free case review and to speak directly to an attorney who takes calls after hours.