Medication Errors in Atlanta Labor and Delivery Cases

Many instances of medical malpractice in the United States involve medication errors. These mistakes are common because many people are involved in the chain of medicine administration. Any lapse in judgment or recklessness by a nurse, pharmacist, or physician can cause the patient to suffer significant harm.

These human errors are particularly dangerous in labor and delivery situations. If you believe a medical provider acted negligently while treating you, talk to a seasoned lawyer about medication errors in Atlanta labor and delivery cases. Our legal team can advise you on how to proceed with your claim.

Types of Medications Used in Labor and Delivery in Atlanta

There are several different types of medications that are involved in labor and delivery. Some drugs, such as Cytotec and Pitocin, are used to speed up the delivery process. Others are given when the mother’s blood pressure starts to rise. There are also different anesthetics used to ease the pain of labor. Any labor and delivery error related to incorrect prescription or administration of a drug can leave the medical provider vulnerable to liability.

What Are the Common Causes of Medication Errors in the Birthing Process?

Miscommunication is the largest cause of medication error. This generally happens when the physician orders a drug, and the nurse writes down the order. Many drugs have similar names, so a nurse may misunderstand the doctor and write down the incorrect medication. Alternatively, the pharmacist filling the order may dispense the wrong drug.

Similarly, the doctor may order six milligrams of a drug, and the nurse might accidentally administer 60 milligrams. Any of these medication errors can lead to severe complications for the mother and baby during labor and delivery, so it is crucial to speak to a lawyer about potential legal options.

Consequences of Incorrect Drug Administration and Dosage

There are several negative consequences of incorrectly administering a drug. For example, Cytotec and Pitocin—both labor inducers—can cause hyperstimulation. This devastating side effect can make contractions stronger and more frequent, depriving the baby of oxygen. In addition to harming the baby, these drugs can prevent the mother from getting adequate rest between contractions.

Misuse of these drugs can also cause severe complications like uterine rupture and postpartum hemorrhage, which can be life-threatening. Because prescription drug mistakes can cause life-altering injuries, it is crucial to work with a skilled Atlanta attorney to seek proper compensation in a labor and delivery error case.

Reviewing Evidence in a Medication Error Claim

When working on a medication error claim, a seasoned labor and delivery attorney should first gather all medical records to determine what drugs were ordered under what circumstances. Next, a legal professional would assess the signs and symptoms that caused the physician to order the specific dosage of the medication. It would also be important to examine how the drug was administered.

There are many guidelines that detail how to administer medication in a labor and delivery setting safely. A dedicated attorney would review those guidelines to determine whether anyone on the medical team breached the standard of care.

Our Lawyers Understand Medication Errors in Atlanta Labor and Delivery Cases

When patients go into labor, they expect to have a safe delivery. This can only happen if all medication is prescribed and administered correctly. If you suspect your medical team breached the standard of care during the birthing process, speak with a lawyer about medication errors in Atlanta labor and delivery cases. Call us today to set up a free consultation.