Common Types of Labor and Delivery Errors in Atlanta

When a medical professional or facility makes a mistake during the labor and delivery process, it can cause severe harm to the mother and the child. If the medical providers’ actions were a deviation from the standard of care, the mother may have the opportunity to file a lawsuit with the help of an Atlanta labor and delivery error attorney.

Obtaining adequate counsel is crucial, as the legal process can be complex. Our firm could answer any questions you may have and assist you in filing your case. If you wish to learn more about the common types of labor and delivery errors in Atlanta, give us a call today.

Potential Causes of Medical Errors During Labor and Delivery

The most common reason for medical negligence in labor and delivery cases is the failure to properly monitor the mother and the baby during labor and delivery. If the physician does not recognize and address signs of fetal distress or changes in the patient’s condition, there could be negative consequences.

When there is a change in circumstances, the medical team should take action. The physician might need to alter his or her approach and use medication or tools to aid the delivery process. These decisions need to be executed quickly, but if the physician is not alert and cautious, it may lead to an error. Improper use of those tools could cause harm to the baby.

Another potential cause of injury during the birthing process is allowing a mother to attempt a vaginal birth when it is safer to do a surgical delivery. For example, patients who have recently had a c-section typically should not proceed with vaginal birth, as there is a risk of placenta abruption.

Additionally, failing to initiate a cesarean section when a natural birth proves to be too dangerous may constitute medical negligence. A skilled attorney could review a mother’s medical records to determine the cause of a labor and delivery mistake.

Common Birthing Injuries in Atlanta

There are many potentially negative consequences of medical negligence during childbirth. A labor and delivery error might lead to injuries and conditions, such as:

In the most extreme cases, these conditions could be fatal. Any mother who has sustained a severe injury during labor and delivery should get in touch with a dedicated attorney to learn about her potential legal options. Additionally, a lawyer could work with the families of patients who lost their lives during birth to seek justice.

How are Labor and Delivery Claims Different from Other Medical Malpractice Cases?

The main difference between labor and delivery cases and other types of claims is the number of parties involved. When a patient is giving birth, there are often several medical providers monitoring the mother and aiding with the delivery process.

Potential at-fault parties in a birthing error case may include nurses, midwives, obstetricians, anesthesiology providers, or technicians. In other instances of malpractice, such as misdiagnosis cases, there may only be one responsible medical provider.

Another difference is the number of injured parties. In most medical malpractice cases, the patient is the only victim. However, in labor and delivery claims, the baby may have also suffered damages. A legal professional could provide mothers with more information about how to approach claims involving negligence during the birthing process.

Call an Attorney to Talk About the Common Types of Labor and Delivery Errors in Atlanta

Labor and delivery cases are unlike other types of medical malpractice cases, so it is best to hire an attorney for help with your claim. If you wish to take legal action following an act of negligence during childbirth, our firm could help. Contact us to schedule a free consultation and learn about the common types of labor and delivery errors in Atlanta that may warrant a lawsuit.