Atlanta Labor and Delivery Misdiagnosis Lawyer

A delay in treatment due to the misdiagnosis of a condition can have severe consequences, especially in a labor and delivery setting. Patients rely on medical providers to properly identify and treat their conditions. When the health and well-being of mothers and their children are at stake, it is crucial that doctors accurately diagnose their patients.

If your medical provider failed to notice certain symptoms during the birth process, you should call an Atlanta labor and delivery misdiagnosis lawyer. A dedicated malpractice attorney could work with you to build a case against the negligent parties.

Common Reasons for Diagnosis Errors During Labor and Delivery

One of the most common causes of diagnosis errors during labor and delivery is failure to check the mother’s medical history and conduct proper physical exams early on in the pregnancy. Records of the patient’s previous pregnancies and existing conditions can help medical providers take reasonable steps to avoid or address potential problems.

For example, a physician should perform tests during the patient’s pregnancy to determine if the mother has an infection that could be harmful to the baby. If those tests were done and the patient’s results were positive for an infection, then the medical team could take steps during the labor and delivery process to protect the baby.

Unfortunately, if the physician failed to review the mother’s history or preform proper tests, that same infection could be passed on to the baby during the delivery process, causing life-long injuries or even death to the child.

Decision Bias

Another common cause of misdiagnosis is decision bias. When physicians believe they have correctly identified a condition, they may not be open to considering other possibilities.

During pregnancy, any misdiagnosis can prevent a mother from getting the potentially life-saving care she may need. A knowledgeable attorney could help patients understand how diagnosis errors early on during pregnancy can pose serious risks during labor and delivery.

Reviewing Evidence in a Labor and Delivery Misdiagnosis Case in Atlanta

When working with a lawyer to prove negligence, it is important to review all relevant medical records and examine the specific signs and symptoms of the patient’s condition. These records could help an attorney understand what testing was done, and how the physician decided on the final diagnosis.

Witness testimony is also an important type of evidence. By speaking with other people who were working at the hospital or attending appointments with the patient, an attorney may be able to gain a better idea of what errors were made.

A legal professional could also obtain an expert witness to review the relevant evidence and determine if the physician in question breached the standard of care. A labor and delivery error attorney could get in contact with an expert to testify in a misdiagnosis case.

Recoverable Damages After an Improper Diagnosis

By working with a seasoned attorney, mothers who have been misdiagnosed may be able to collect compensation to cover past and future losses. Economic damages could cover financial losses, such as medical expenses, lost wages, lost future earning capacity.

Mothers may also be able to recover non-economic damages for mental and physical pain and suffering. In the event of a fatal misdiagnosis accident during labor or delivery, a lawyer could work with families to file a wrongful death suit.

Work with an Atlanta Labor and Delivery Misdiagnosis Attorney Today

No mother should have to experience delivery complications due to the negligence of a medical provider. If you wish to pursue a claim, our team could help you present strong evidence to prove your case. Call an Atlanta labor and deliver misdiagnosis lawyer today to obtain a qualified legal advocate.