Atlanta Infection Misdiagnosis

If you have suffered from an Atlanta infection misdiagnosis, then you need to reach out to a team of client-focused attorneys. Experienced legal counsel could gather evidence on your behalf, present findings with cutting-edge technology, and fight for the compensation you need to get back to life before a medical professional’s mistake.

Common Misdiagnoses for Infections

It is not uncommon for infections to be misdiagnosed, whether an infection is completely missed or the type of infection is misdiagnosed. For example, a patient could be diagnosed with a urinary tract infection, which is a type of infection, but instead they have a C. diff infection, which is a very different type of infection. That is one type of misdiagnosis seen more often. If it is not recognized quickly enough, it can cause harm to the patient.

How Often Is Someone Misdiagnosed with Infections?

Being misdiagnosed with the wrong type of infection is not uncommon. It happens quite often. Sometimes these misdiagnoses, don’t lead to any harm to the patient. However, if the misdiagnosis causes harm and injury to the patient, then he or she would be eligible to take legal action.

Types of Different Diagnostic Errors

The different types of medical diagnostic errors include a failure to order the right type of tests to diagnose the infection or a failure to interpret the test results correctly. Another type of medical diagnostic error is one where the right test is ordered and interpreted correctly, but then it is not communicated to the patient or to the healthcare professional who is managing the patient’s care, and therefore proper treatment is not given.

Other types of medical diagnostic errors occur when the doctor does not ask enough about the patient’s symptoms to obtain a full picture to make an accurate diagnosis or where the health care provider focuses too quickly on a diagnosis and ignores symptoms that would have led to another diagnosis.

Who May Be at Fault for a Misdiagnosis?

Others may be at fault for a misdiagnosis. Lab technicians who do not perform a test accurately, do not report the test accurately, or do not communicate the results of the test properly could be at fault. The doctors or technicians who are responsible for interpreting test results or physician’s assistants who are responsible for noting signs and symptoms that the patient expresses or for drawing the blood or urine or aiding in getting the test and lab results could also be liable. To determine the source of error, victims should partner with an attorney in Atlanta with infection misdiagnoses experience and who could trust the experience of an in-house medical professional.

First Steps After Discovering an Error

After discovering a misdiagnosis, victims should seek immediate medical care to receive the correct diagnosis and treatment. After that, they should consult with an experienced medical malpractice lawyer.

Situations When a Lawsuit May Be Viable

If the misdiagnosis of an infection caused a serious harm or injury to the patient, resulted in missing time from work and incurred significant medical costs and pain and suffering, then that victim should seek the advice of an experienced medical malpractice attorney to determine whether or not he or she has a valid claim for medical malpractice.

Take Action Against Atlanta Infection Misdiagnoses Today

An Atlanta infection misdiagnosis could cause you and your family serious financial harm and unwarranted suffering. When a medical professional does not take care and give you the attention you deserve, the likely serious consequences are often costly. To take a stand against negligence, reach out to an attorney who takes calls after hours and who could review your case for free.