Atlanta Misdiagnosis Case Process

When a doctor negligently mistakes your disease or illness, you sacrifice valuable treatment time. This is unacceptable. Should you choose to hold them accountable and recover losses, then you need a team of client-centered attorneys to help you through the Atlanta misdiagnosis case process. Reach out today to see what could be done to help you.

What Makes Misdiagnosis Claims Different From Other Medical Claims

Medical malpractice cases are typically based on allegations that a healthcare provider affirmatively did something wrong. In misdiagnosis cases, the patient suffers because of something that the doctor did not do; the proper exam was not conducted, or the proper test was not run. Misdiagnosis cases rest on omissions, which is another term for things that the doctor did not do, and that should have been done, as opposed to things that were done improperly or negligently.

Proceeding with a Medical Misdiagnosis Claim

An Atlanta misdiagnosis claim would start with case evaluation meeting so that the attorney could obtain a thorough understanding of the facts. An investigation would be conducted that would focus on gathering all relevant evidence, such as medical records and witness interviews. The attorney would then rely on an in-house medical professional who could provide an opinion on whether or not there was a violation of the standard of care and if that violation caused the injury. Attorneys could then seek additional experts who would prepare an expert affidavit to be filed with the lawsuit, and upon its completion, the case would be filed.  Once the case is formally initiated, there is a period of time called discovery where depositions are taken and written documents are exchanged between the parties.

There is another a period called motions practice where the parties are able to file documents with the court to try to have expert testimony limited or portions of the case thrown out or ruled on by the court. After the motions practice, the case can be scheduled for trial. At any point, however, the parties can agree to settle the case and avoid however much of the process remains.

Considerations Before Filing

Before filing their claim or speaking with an Atlanta misdiagnosis lawyer, victims should understand that misdiagnosis claims are difficult cases that require a lawyer with a high degree of experience and knowledge. It is vital that people seek a skilled, compassionate lawyer who could also aggressively advocate for them because the effects of a misdiagnosis can be catastrophic, last a lifetime, and impact not only the patient, but his or her family. If victims believe they are the victim of a misdiagnosis, they should consult an attorney immediately.

Learn More About Atlanta Misdiagnosis Case Procedures from an Attorney

It is understandable that following a misdiagnosis you may feel confused as to how a professional could take precious treatment time away from you. While not all mistakes warrant a civil claim, negligent professionals should be held accountable. To do so, speak to an attorney who takes calls after hours and for a free case review.

The Atlanta misdiagnosis case process is exceptionally complicated. While you focus on your recovery efforts, let an attorney help you with the legal work. Call today to set up your initial consultation.