Finding Responsible Parties for an Atlanta Misdiagnosis Case

When it comes to finding responsible parties for an Atlanta misdiagnosis case, attorneys look at the whole picture. If a doctor negligently preformed his or her duties, attorneys often ask if this was a failure of training or negligent hiring practices. There could be a host of reasons for negligent actions. Let an attorney help you find the responsible parties for your injuries.

What a Failure to Diagnose Means for Patients

All misdiagnosis claims involve a medical professional’s failure to accurately diagnose his or her patient. The medical professional’s diagnosis is either inaccurate and results in injury to the patient or the patient is not diagnosed or treated at all. In any such case, a medical malpractice claim could be made.

Commonly Seen Misdiagnosis Injuries

Cancers, infections, and vascular issues are conditions that are most often missed by medical professionals. However, any injury or disease could potentially be misdiagnosed and lead to patient injury.

Potential Liable Parties

Doctors are typically responsible for failure to diagnose a case, as they are the ones who are most frequently empowered to make the diagnoses. However, physician assistants and nurse practitioners can make diagnoses and be held liable, as well. In addition to the aforementioned parties, hospitals or practice groups that employ the professional who made the diagnosis could be responsible.

Potential Challenges Depending on the Responsible Parties

There can be challenges with holding groups accountable because hospitals do not always directly employ the doctors who work there. Hospitals often have contracts with practice groups who then provide doctors to work at the hospital, which creates an independent contractor relationship between the parties and shields the hospital from being held liable for a doctor’s malpractice. However, that could be overcome by suing the practice group that employs the doctor. The hospital could also be held liable under separate theories of negligence.

Overcoming Legal Roadblocks

Even when it is challenging to hold certain parties liable, an attorney could still argue that the hospital is independently responsible for a misdiagnosis if it does not have policies and procedures in place that could have prevented the misdiagnosis. If there is not a hospital policy or procedure that sufficiently addresses reporting critical test results or lab reports outside the normal value of a standard range, it could inhibit a doctor’s ability to provide an accurate diagnosis. That could be a separate act of negligence for which the hospital could be sued along with the doctor.

Consequences of a Failed Diagnosis

If a doctor fails to diagnose her patient properly, the patient could suffer catastrophic injuries or even die. Many conditions, particularly cancers, serious infections, and vascular issues, require prompt treatment; otherwise, the consequences of a misdiagnosis can be dire. If a patient has a blood clot or a blood infection that is not diagnosed correctly and timely, it can very quickly lead to a critical situation that could result in the patient’s death or serious impairment. Serious conditions that are misdiagnosed often have grave, long-term consequences for the patient.

Potential Compensation for Victims

In cases where victims are catastrophically injured, financial recovery could compensate them for future medical care to treat a condition that has worsened due to the doctor’s failure to diagnose. Financial recovery in cases that involve a patient’s death could help that victim’s family replace lost income or pay costly bills related to the medical care and funeral expenses that accumulated while caring for the patient.

Find the Wrongdoers for an Atlanta Misdiagnosis Case Today

When a medical professional neglects his or her duty of care that he or she owes you, the consequences you are left with are unacceptable. However, the doctor or medical professional may not be the only party responsible for the negligence. Client-centered attorneys could help you find responsible parties for your Atlanta misdiagnosis case. With cutting-edge technology, an in-house doctor, and the ability to take calls after hours, attorneys could help you make a financial recovery. Call today to speak directly to a lawyer and for your free case review.