Consequences of an Atlanta Misdiagnosis

If you or a loved one was harmed by the consequences of an Atlanta misdiagnosis, then you need to consider the legal options available to you to both hold the negligent party accountable and recover compensation. While financial compensation cannot undo what has been done, it could make your on-going treatment more bearable and address any outstanding medical bills. Speak to a lawyer who could help today.

How Could a Misdiagnosis Be Critical for a Victim?

A misdiagnosis is an incorrect diagnosis of a person’s illness or condition. Misdiagnoses are a tremendous problem because the patient’s true condition is left untreated and often worsens as it progresses because the correct diagnosis and treatment are not provided. The consequences of an Atlanta misdiagnosis cannot be understated.

When Are These Mistakes Understandable and Not Considered Malpractice?

If the misdiagnosis leads to an incorrect treatment, delayed treatment, or no treatment at all and the patient’s condition worsens, it could be considered malpractice. Conversely, if the misdiagnosis is discovered in time to provide the correct diagnosis and treatment and the patient has little to no injury, it likely would not result in an actionable malpractice claim.

Common Forms of Misdiagnoses in Atlanta

A recent study by a major research institution found that three quarters of all serious misdiagnosed cases fall to three categories: vascular events (anything involving the blood vessels, air embolisms, blood clots, peripheral artery disease, carotid artery disease, or the like) infections, and cancers. Those are the most common forms of misdiagnoses in the country, including Atlanta.

Cancer misdiagnosis cases seem to be more prevalent than other misdiagnosis claims and can certainly be the most traumatic. These are cases where a patient shows signs or symptoms of a cancer, but his or her physician, physician’s assistant, or nurse practitioner diagnoses him or her with some lesser condition or does not run certain tests necessary to rule out cancer. The patient’s cancer is left untreated, and by the time the patient is properly diagnosed, treatment options are limited.

Serious Consequences for Victims

Many misdiagnoses could lead to death or catastrophic injuries. Patients may show signs of a blood clot in their leg, such as swelling or pain, but if they are misdiagnosed and the blood clot is not discovered, that blood clot in their leg could eventually travel through the venous system and end up in their lungs. A clot in the lung could cause a pulmonary embolism, which could lead to death rather quickly.

A misdiagnosis could be catastrophic if not promptly reevaluated, diagnosed, and treated properly. Infections and cancers could often be detected early, increasing the patient’s survivability and decreasing long-term complications; however, if diseases are allowed to progress undiagnosed, they could be fatal.

Reducing or Preventing Mistakes

Medical professionals could reduce or prevent misdiagnoses by spending enough time with the patient to fully understand their signs, symptoms, lifestyle, and background. This is called a patient history. When coupled with a thorough physical exam, doctors and nurse practitioners could decrease their chances of misdiagnosing their patients. Other steps that should be taken by medical professionals are working closely labs to ensure that test results are being properly reported and following up with patients regarding testing results.

Duty of Care

All preventative care actions are steps that reasonable and prudent physicians should take when diagnosing their patients. Preventative care helps doctors properly treat symptoms and make correct diagnoses in the event that their patient falls ill. Conversely, when preventative care is not conducted, the chances of a misdiagnosis increase, and consequently, harm to the patient is more likely.

Speak to an Attorney Who Has Case Experience Handling the Consequences of Atlanta Misdiagnosis Cases

When a medical professional forsakes his or her obligation to give you or your loved ones the standard of care they deserve, mistakes occur. The consequences of an Atlanta misdiagnosis could have long-lasting and far-reaching effects that damages your or your loved one’s life. To take steps to right a wrong done, reach out to a team of lawyers who could gather and present evidence with cutting edge courtroom technology, work with an in-house medical professional, and review your case for free. Call today to speak directly to a lawyer who takes calls after hours.