Atlanta Epidural Injury Lawyer

An epidural is a type of drug that can be given to women in labor upon her request. When administered properly, this medication can reduce the pain felt during labor and delivery. Unfortunately, a medical error could lead to complications and severe injuries for the patient.

If you or someone you love experienced complications during labor related to anesthesia, get in touch with an Atlanta epidural injury lawyer. Working with a skilled labor and delivery error attorney could give you an edge in court or during settlement negotiations.

What are the Different Types of Epidurals?

There are two main types of epidurals used to provide numbing and pain relief to women during labor and delivery. Regular epidurals consist of a combination of narcotics and anesthesia. This drug is administered through an injection in the epidural space, which is near the spinal cord.

A walking epidural is administered differently and provides the patient with more freedom to move and change positions during the delivery. Mothers should talk to an attorney about how the different types of epidurals could impact a claim.

Proper Timing for Administering Anesthesia

An epidural can only be administered after the patient has given her consent. If a mother does not want an epidural, that decision should be respected by the medical staff.

The anesthetic is typically administered while the patient is in active labor and after her cervix has dilated to about four to five centimeters. Many people believe that if the drug is given to the patient too soon, it can slow down labor and make contractions weaker.

Conversely, if it is given too late, the drug may not give the mother the timely relief she needs. Anyone who has experienced errors due to the timing of an epidural should consider consulting a lawyer.

Potential Causes and Consequences of Epidural Injuries

Some of the most common epidural injuries are related to medication allergies, incorrect dosage, and improper insertion. For example, if the needle is inserted into the wrong place, it could reach the spinal cord membrane, causing headaches and nausea.

In more severe cases, incorrect insertion could lead to infections, seizures, nerve damage, or even paralysis. A legal professional who is familiar with labor and delivery cases could help mothers file a lawsuit for incorrect administration of an epidural.

Expert Witness Requirement in Atlanta

In medical malpractice cases, it is not enough for patients to testify as to what went wrong. To prove the negligence of the other party, an injured patient must find a qualified expert witness to give medical testimony on the applicable standard of care and causation. This expert must have sufficient experience performing the procedure in question or diagnosing and treating the resulting condition.

After reviewing the patient’s medical records and all other evidence, this witness should be able to testify what the relevant standard of care in the case is and state that within a reasonable degree of medical probability, the failure to meet the standard of care caused the mother’s injuries. Without expert testimony, the case will be thrown out by the court. An experienced lawyer could connect an injured mother with a medical expert who could testify in her epidural injury case.

Seek Help from an Atlanta Epidural Injury Attorney

Handling a medical malpractice claim on your own can be exhausting, but our team could support you through the length of your case. An Atlanta epidural injury lawyer could review your medical records and help you prove there was a breach in the standard of care. Contact our office today to speak to an attorney about your case and schedule a free consultation.